Reset Router




Power Cycle Modem and Router

Reset Router

1. Use your browser and open the software to access your router settings. Type in User Name and Password
2. Click On WAN (or the wireless settings for your router brand.)
3. Click Apply.  
4. Click Continue. Close the Admin program, your router should be reset.


Power Cycle Modem & Router


1, Turn the computer off, unplug the modem and the router. It may be a good idea to unplug all cables from the modem, including cable in and cable to computer.
2. Wait 15 minutes, then power up the modem. Wait until the lights indicate a good connection.
3. Turn on the Router. Wait a few minutes for it to stabilize.
4. Power Up the Computer. After a few minutes you should have a normal internet connection. (It takes a few seconds longer the first time after this procedure to find it. After that internet connection time is instant.)


Note: If you upgrade the firmware for your router you will have to go through all the above steps again.



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