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Travel & Place names includes pictures, videos and slide shows of interesting things about Nova Scotia, and parts of the USA, particularly Florida

The Entertainment portion on the lower bottom menu contains links to entertaining and interesting things that we would like to pass on that don't fit in other categories of this web site.

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NSCAVE videos on YouTube!

Videos from Nova Scotia, Halifax, Florida, Texas, - many travel and feature videos from NSCAVE. Updated frequently.

(Most of NSCAVE'S videos are now in HD.)


Florida TravelsThis is mainly our Florida page, although you will find some items from other parts of the USA.


Mavic Mini FNSCAVE - Drone Fun!

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Travel and items of interest from Nova Scotia, NSCAVE's home province.

There are a couple trips outside of Nova Scotia, such as Ontario.

WeatherThe East Coast from Nova Scotia to Florida!


NSCAVE's is now on a 2nd Dodge Grand Caravan. The Caravan has proved to have lots of advantages.

Since our travels often include obtaining videos, information and material for this website, RoseGarden and our associated endeavors, we often share tips and hints of how we do things, with the hope that it might help some of you during your travels as well. 

Those topics will become part of our Travel and Entertainment page, with links listed below and in the sidebar.

Not In The Manual


GPS Instructions Missing

You would think there would be a manual included that would explain most things about using the GPS. For my Grand Caravan, the manual covered very minimal things as far as the GPS is concerned. Downloading the online manual provided detailed information on regular things most people already know, but few details on the items described here. The included DVD was the same.

After some research I found some satisfactory methods to make programming and using the built in GPS easier. So perhaps they will help you too.


Program Factory Installed GPS with the help of Google - Use Google coordinates to program where you want to go easily without using town names.


Program Factory GPS by using Phone Numbers - Often it is easy to find the phone number of a place of business, shopping centre and so on, you can use these to program your trip with many GPS units.


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