Find Other Computers



Find the other computers on your network:

Click My Network Places/Entire Network/Microsoft Windows Network/your network name/your computer name

To get two computers to detect each other and nothing seems to work

1) Go to My Network Places>
2) View Network Connections>
3) Local Area Connection>
4) Properties
5) Uninstall Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
6) Reinstall Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)


Do this on both computers. Presto - all your shared connections / folders or files should appear. Try this if you have already set up and configured your router and nothing seems to show up.

All Connections or Folders Disappear

If all the connections or shared folders disappear and you cannot access one computer from the other, make sure that the computer you are trying to access has not gone into 'standby' mode. It will eventually wake up if you keep trying, but takes a long time, longer than if you were waking it from that computer. Just the screen saver activating is enough to lock out many routers and make your network unavailable.

One computer reads files the other one doesn't

* One computer reads the files on the other, but the other one doesn't. If the files work fine on one computer, but when you try to open shared folders on the other, an error message appears saying "you might not have permission...etc." And below "there is not enough memory to run the server...". This is what you have to do. Registry editing is required.


If you have to do this, the normal warnings apply. Backup the registry first. One slight mistake may render your computer useless. If you are not used to changing registry items, find someone who is. No room for guess work here.

Use Regedit, and complete the following two steps:



2. Click on Modify, and delete the value. Do Not Delete The Key!

That's it, your home network(LAN) should be back to its normal sharing self. Apparently Norton AntiVirus changes this setting at times for unknown reasons.


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