D-Link DHCP Setup



D-Link DHCP Setup

This process sets your D-Link 624 so that it always gives each of your portable computers the same ip address every time.

For example it matches your Laptop's MAC address to the ip number so that it always connects the same way every time you reconnect. This usually results in quicker connects and often cures any signal drop out problems.

Note: This has nothing to do with whether your internet comes via cable or DSL. Your modem to router connection remains the same. This procedure allows your router to assign static (permanent) ip numbers to the computer(s) connected to it. It locks the MAC address of the network card in each computer to a permanent ip number issued by the router.




1. The first step is to enter your router's setup software by typing in the correct number for access into your browser's address bar.

2. Next click on DHCP at the bottom of the left menu.

Computers connected to your router should be listed near the bottom under Dynamic DHCP Client List.

3. Select the computer you want to make 'static' .

4. Under Static DHCP, click Enabled.

5. Click Clone. (This will move the selected computers MAC address into the proper areas.

You can change the last three digits of the ip if you wish, or accept the one assigned.

6. Click Apply. (Your router will reset and the computer you selected is now Static with its own ip.)

It will always connect with this number and will more than likely be stable with no drop outs.

Note: When the router resets and comes back online, Static DHCP will show Disabled . However the computer you just set will be listed under Static DHCP Client List indicating it is locked to that IP Address.



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