Remote Desktop Connection Making It Happen




Remote Desktop Connection - Connecting Remotely

RemoteDesktop Menu

















Click Start + Accessories + Communications + Remote Desktop Connection

#2 After you use Remote Desktop Connection a few times it will show up here on the preferred list.

Remote Connection Box



Type the name of the computer you want to connect to and click connect.



Or you may wish to adjust some options first:

Options 2



Clicking Options brings up this box.

Putting in the information here speeds up the process a little but is not required.







Options 3





It is recommended you set the slider for Full Screen under the Display tab.











Under the Experience tab you can select whatever you prefer.

Not checking some items such as Desktop Background speeds things up on some computers.









Once you click Connect the other computers screen will come up as shown below. *

If your remote computer requires a logon name and password, a box will come up asking for that input before the connection is completed. You do not have to go to the remote computer to supply the password.



Remote Desktop




Remote Desktop Connection - More Than One Computer

* You can connect to more than one remote computer at a time. Just go through the process of connecting to each one as above. Then minimize their screens when they are not needed. When you need to do something on one of the remote units, just bring up their screen like you would any other program and work away. When finished minimize it again until you are finished with that computer for good.

Running computers this way uses a minimal amount of resources. Now you can sit at the computer of your choice and do whatever you could do as if you were sitting in front of that computer's keyboard and monitor. In fact you don't even need the remote computer monitors turned on.

Remote Desktop Connection - Remote Computer Screens Are Blanked

If the remote computer monitor is on when you do connect via Remote Desktop Connection, the screen on the remote is blanked to the login screen, so no one else can see what you are doing on that computer.

Should you decided to go to a remote computer and use it, you have to login with the usual name and password. The remote connection would be immediately terminated.

Fast Shutdown of Remote Computer

The quickest way to shutdown the remote computer completely is to press Ctrl+Shift+Escape while the remote computers screen is maximized. This will bring up the task manager on the remote computer. Click Shutdown, and the remote unit shuts down.

This is much faster than using an auxilary program. You can't use the normal Start+Shutdown button on the remote computer's task bar because it turns into a Disconnect button during Remote Desktop operation.

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