Video Editing Programs




Video Editing Programs .... starting with the ones I like best.


Cyberlink PowerDirector - Sometimes a paid program is the only way to go. Since moving to HD (High Definition) video, this one has become our favourite. It is one of the highest rated programs in its price bracket and certainly does everything we at NSCAVE need to do in the video/sound line. I won't go through all its features here, for Cyberlink has a vast online presence better than any other, describing not only Power Director's capabilities, but easy explicit tutorials of how to use each of its features.


VirtualDub - is a free basic editing program, that has no fancy techniques, but is fast and easy to use for basic trim and clean up activities. It is mainly for editing/cutting AVI files, and can also read MPEG-1.


PEGASYS Inc. TMPGEnc DVD Author - Yes you have to pay for this one, but the price is reasonable and it is a no brainer to use. If all you do is capture video and cut our the bad parts and put them together again, this is the one to use. Once all the pieces are put together again, it takes less than an hour for it to assemble & save the results as DVD files. Then in approximately 18 minutes it records the DVD with the built in DVD author. Much faster than other programs I have tried.




Information is not official, and is only an opinion gathered from personal experience.
If I make negative comments about any software or hardware products, it does not mean that the item or its company is bad in any way. It just means that my personal experience with it was not favourable. On the other hand if I make positive comments in a similar fashion, it only means my personal experience was satisfactory.




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