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Transferring Analogue VHS tapes to DVD

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I finally moved into the realm of digital videography. Still have a lot of trying and testing to do before I settle on a routine, but here are a few things I found out already.

1) Using a digital camera's Analogue to Digital conversion via fire wire (IEEE1394) is much faster and much better quality than any capture card. Big bonus - you control the camcorder from the PC, never using the camcorder controls.

2) Plan on buying several fire wire cables. For example, my desktop uses 6 pin to 4 pin. My laptop uses 4 pin to 4 pin.

3) Everything is plug n' play and is set up in seconds. Little or no configuration is required if you already have video recording programs or have been using a capture card.

4) If you get an echo in the sound while transferring, make sure the camcorder speaker is turned off if your camcorder has one and you leave the LCD screen out.

5) Using a tripod is a must if you are using the telephoto to any extent. Since the new digital camcorders are so small, it is even more important to have a sturdy one. Here's a good tip: Try mounting your camera on the tripod backwards. That's right, have the handle of the tripod facing forward. With today's small camcorders, this brings you closer to the camera to be able to read the LCD screen, or the viewfinder. And using the handle in the forward position gives you much more accurate camera control for panning as well as up and down. Try it. Then you will say "why didn't I think of that".

6) Connect a small powered audio mixer to your sound card input. Then connect audio devices to the mixer such as tape decks, turntables, DVD player, etc. If you get one with several inputs, plus meters and cross faders, it is a piece of cake to blend a new sound track for your video. Use music, sound effects, live narration, or whatever you want. This makes the audio portion of the project so much easier. (Maybe when I get time I will include pictures and instructions of how to do this.)

I will add to these tips as I continue through various steps.

Transferring Programs That Work For Me: - Digital Tape to DVD - Analogue VHS to DVD

After trying some commercial programs, shareware and freeware, the steps are beginning to look like this, using the following programs::

A) WinDV - use this program to capture video direct from your digital video camera to your hard drive via fire wire It will capture in Type-2 avi so no conversion is necessary and other programs can use it immediately.

Alternate: DV Type-1 to Type-2 Converter - program used to convert digital avi to avi that editing programs use easily(Type-1 to Type-2)'. Only takes a few minutes to do a batch. Required conversion when using most other capture programs from camera to hard drive.

B) Virtual Dub - For editing and touching up your avi clips to perfection. You can also merge some of the clips together if you wish.

C) TMPGEnc Plus - For converting the avi files to DVD mpg. These two steps are time intensive, depending on your goals.

D) TMPGEnc DVD Author - Used to put the clips together. Final editing can be done as you assemble your shows. Then burn to DVD. Takes approximately an hour or more depending on the features you add such as menus.

Note: There are programs that make the process shorter and I have tried a few. However using the steps above gives you excellent quality. After all, once on DVD your productions are going to be around for a long time.

The use of these programs will not be discussed here. These are already fully described with tutorials on sites such as VCD help. Links to each will be on the Special Links page


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