Microsoft Mouse 3500



Microsoft Mouse 3500

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March 2011

A wireless mouse is a wireless mouse, right? You just plug the USB receiver in and mouse away. Well not quite.



The Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 has some things going for it.








First of all the USB receiver is tiny.




Mouse Receiver


It protrudes less than a quarter of an inch. You can leave it plugged in your laptop or netbook and still store it in is case.




Mouse bottomOr the receiver can be securely snapped into the bottom of the mouse, to be released only by pushing a button.

The Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 technology is different as well. Instead of the usual red flashing, it is bright blue. And it works better. This is the first optical mouse I have used that works on any surface, even a white one.

During long term use battery life has been exceptional. They advertise months, and that would be a close estimate. I choose to use a rechargeable battery and the time between recharges is long. A green LED on the top of the mouse comes on when the mouse is first powered up to indicate a good battery.

It turns red when battery power is running low.

A switch on the bottom allows you to turn it off during transportation or long periods of non-use.

The Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 is comfortable to use and a good one for your mobile collection.

It doesn't have any frills, just the basic buttons, and mine cost less than ten dollars on sale.


Highly recommended for portable use.





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