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Logitech Wireless V220 Mouse

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May 2010

I have used the Logitech wireless V220 mouse with a laptop for many months now. As usual, Logitech comes out on top.

LogitechV220mouseHaving used several other brands of wireless mouse(s), the main issue has always been battery life. They always refuse to function just when you need them the most.

I purchased the Logitech V220 wireless mouse on sale for less than twenty dollars. It easily rates the five roses for the following reasons.

* It is small, but comfortable to use.

* Battery life is advertised as six months depending on use. I don't know if I would get six months battery life or not, but using a single rechargable battery, its life is definitely months, not days. (It has a green LED that comes on for a few seconds each time the mouse is turned on, indicating good batter charge.)

* It has the normal left click, right click and center click buttons along with the mouse wheel. Add to that the left and right tilt click mouse wheel for scrolling.



The Logitech V220 wireless mouse receiver is about the size of a typical jump drive. It easily plugs into any usb port or hub.

As with any device such as this it may be advisable to use a short usb extension cord or a hub so that it lays flat, thus reducing the possibility of it being broken off.




For traveling the receiver slides into a little grooved pocket on the bottom of the mouse.

This also trips a little switch that turns the power off.



This mouse is very handy to use as it glides across most any surface accurately. It has no bright red illumination like most other brands have. On this model Logitech has chosen to use a different infrared type of sensor that works very well.

The only negative I could find - it takes some practice to get used to the center click. You either have to use the tip of your finger or be extra careful the mouse wheel doesn't rotate as you try to center click on a link.

Highly recommended for portable use.





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