Samsung CLP-315 Laser Printer




The Samsung CLP-315 gets four roses rating. It would have got five if it wasn't so hard on toner.



Samsung315 Printer


Samsung CLP-315 Laser Printer is a compact unit capable of big jobs.

It sets up easily and there are plenty of doors for easy access to internal components.










Cartridges are easily changed by flipping the front cover open and grabbing the coloured tabs.

There are four cartridges plus a waste toner cartridge.

All componets have easy access.







Samsung PaperTray



The paper tray slides in and out easily and is adjustable for various sizes.


When the directions say remove the paper for heavy card stock and do a single page at a time, do it. If you don't, coloured smudges are left on the paper below making the first sheet unusable.












No wonder cartridges are expensive. They are heavy and there is a lot to them.

This is a starter cartridge that come with the unit when new. Replacements give a few more pages before their end of lfe.





This printer took less than twenty minutes to set up. Sharing over my LAN took another ten to fifteen minutes at each computer to install drivers.

I find the printer to be plenty fast for home use. Both black & white and colour prints take only moments, and was much faster than any inkjet printer I have had. I would even go so far as to say it is almost as fast as some of the commercial laser printers I have used in the past.

The Samsung CLP-315 is also very quiet during operation, certainly a lot quieter than most inkjets.

Quality of pictures is more than adequate for any home use when used with a quality white or glossy paper.

Toner usage is the only down side. I printed four 8.5 x 11 books, which included 22 colour pages and 46 black & white. Some pages were full colour while others only contained a 4 x 5 picture or graphic. At the end of this job, the yellow toner light was flashing, with the other colours showing less than a quarter left. The black & white toner was still more than two thirds fufull. Considering the high quality I was getting, I was happy with the results even though expensive toner wise.

Expect to use a lot of toner for full colour quality printing.

I bought this printer on sale for $99. It is worthy to note the price of the toner cartridges increased by $15. the day the sale started. It is shipped with 'starter' cartridges which include slightly less toner than replacements you buy.

An updated longer term report will be provided in the future.

(October 2010)


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