Classroom Presentation



Adult Learners

The first thing to consider as a driver trainer is that you are dealing with adult learners. Most of your students will have left school many years ago. Courses need to be designed differently. Adults usually prefer interactive course programs where they can participate in various activities.

Presentation Skills

Not all operator training takes place in the vehicle or out on the road. Most courses today have an enormous amount of classroom activities. At the very least you would have Defensive Driving for large vehicles in one form or another, and a description of vehicle components and how things work, such as air brake systems.Instructor Students

It often helps to describe various techniques before going out on the road, plus the route to be taken for that particular day. It often helps as well to go over the characteristics and specifications of different models that will be driven in the classroom using slides and descriptions where everyone can see and hear well. Then when on the unit itself, it will act as a review as you again physically show the items talked about.

Each instructor will develop their own particular and unique styles when before the group. There are numerous courses available in that regard for improving technique if necessary and that is not our purpose here. Sufficient to say that all teaching and speech presentations have to be clear with a controlled speed that everyone can understand and digest.

PowerPoint Slides

PowerPoint slides have become a standard in the industry. You can find lots of information on the internet about what makes a good slide presentation and what doesn't by using your favourite search engine.

As an instructor you will have to hone your computer skills in order to develop and produce these presentations. Computer skills will also need to be of an advanced nature in order to run projectors, wireless presenter tools and other electronic items that are used to make PowerPoint slides seamless in your presentations.


Tip: You can make your presentations stand out by blending in advanced techniques in a moderate fashion. We see PowerPoint presentations at nearly every second meeting we go to and on most courses regardless of the subject matter. But it is still rare to see presentations that include video clips, sound and slides within slides. It is worth it to learn these extra forms to brighten your presentation and make it stand out above the rest. To learn these procedures, you can take official courses, follow tutorials readily available on the internet or if you are a computer geek, learn them on your own. It is not all that difficult once you get into it.





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