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Can Driving Instructors and Students Be Friends?

This is a good question. If you have a driving course that is weeks long, you and the students will develop a relationship. It is nice to be nice.

A driving course made up of a group of people always presents new personalities, lifestyles and varied backgrounds. In my years of training students often asked; "What was your best course?" I don't think there was one, every course was different. As mentioned, everyone is different and unique. When you blend those characteristics together the outcome is always a fascinating challenge of mostly pleasing events.

But there are a few things an instuctor has to watch out for. You can set yourself up to look bad among your students and others very easily.

Think about these examples.

A student lives in your neighbourhood. You decide to carpool in the interest of economy, or perhaps the student hasn't a car yet.

Friends DriveYou might want to consider that if that student doesn't do well you may have to make decisions you wished you didn't have to make. You have made your job much more difficult because you have become traveling friends. Or if that student does exceptionally well, the others may call it favouritism. You have set yourself up.


You get along well with one of the students, he/she gets along well with you. You have a lot in common and share interests. The student may loan you cds or something else from a like hobby.


Other students may perceive this as getting special treatement, especially if one of them isn't doing well and you have to speak to them. Spending your noon time or other free time with this student or exchanging private items, may make the others feel this person is getting inside information and treatment. No matter how good your intentions or how honest your actions are, you have again, set yourself up.

So you can see it is fine to be friends, but with all of them on an equal basis.





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