What Makes A Good Operator



Things An Instructor Should Look For

Companies normally have a procedure during the hiring process for screening, interviewing and making sure they get the very best qualified applicants for driving. But those procedures can never be exact.

It will be the instructor(s) that need to be looking for the qualities and indications a new employee has that will qualify them as a professional operator at the end of the training course.

Qualities For A Good Operatoramiable driver

There are obvious skills and criteria required to be an operator of a bus or truck with each company having its own list of qualifications, depending on its purpose in the transportation industry. That is why they have to submit a resume, qualify for an interview and be involved in a screening process to see if they make the grade for one of the candidates. But that is only a starting point. The instructor has the final assessment as to whether the individual really fits the operator criteria.

There are certain things that will make it easier to pass the driving course successfully and even prove to the individual that is the job they desire.

Some of these indicators show up on the first day, others develop as the course progresses.

Attitude despondent operator

Attitude is a major factor in becoming an operator of a large vehicle. The operator must want to do it right, all the time. They need to accept the facts that others may not care what an operator has to contend with. An operator will need a positive attitude all the time, during stressfull times when things are not going good, or when their day becomes longer than expected.

Late For Work sorrowful operator

In most jobs if an employee is 5 minutes late for work, it is no big deal unless it has become a habit. In the bus business whether transit or highway, you are in the business of transporting people where they want to go, when they want to go, to work, to appointments, to university and many other places. The bus has to go and if the operator is not there, someone else has to drive it. This creates a difficulty for dispatch, scheduling and creates a bump in the operation. Lateness, even by a minute or so, is never tolerated in the industry. This is usually a major change in mind set for a lot of people.

During a training course, arriving on time is a strict requirement. Anything less cannot be tolerated. The instructor must set the example, and monitor students carefully each day. Arriving exactly on time, or late during training is likely an indication it will occur in later stages.








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