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rFactor is a computer racing simulation program that is so real you feel like you are driving real cars. It takes a lot of time and determination to get all the setting of your car correct for each track. Things like wedge, trackbar, tire pressures, spring rates and many others are critical for being faster than your competitors.

VHR Stockcar is an add on that allows you to race with the latest stock cars, on the latest tracks. We consider it the best stockcar mod available.

There is a version available as an add on to rFactor and a stand alone version. We have used both, and prefer the stand alone version.

rFactor allows you to race computer cars on your own machine, or better yet, race online with your friends for the competition and excitement of a real rush. Often it is driving skills that win the race rather than the fastest car.

For more information about rFactor and VHR online racing, see the side menu items.

Purpose of MetroFactor Racing

The purpose of MetroFactor Racing is to allow our members practice time on various tracks, with a few practice races now and then.

If you have rFactor and the VHR mod, feel free to drop in and join our sessions. Sessions are currently open at random times.

All we ask is good clean racing fun. Any abnormal behaviour will get you banned permanently, no second chances. Many of us are in the "gray hair" category and just want to enjoy tweaking and driving our cars in a professional manner.

Metrofactor racing is a small group located in the Halifax/Dartmouth area of Nova Scotia, Canada.

Our goal is to have fun and help others in a reasonably professional organized manner.

Our Regular Members (Driver's Names)

Pickle 24 Chev Cole Harbour, NS, Ca
TomCat 22 Toyota Dartmouth, NS, Ca
Iceman 37 Chev Bedford, NS, Ca
Stan 99 Ford Dartmouth, NS, Ca

Note: If any driver switches cars after season beginning, numbers or photos will not be updated.

Pickle Car



"Here comes the Dupont 24 Chevrolea!"

(They hate it when I spell it that way :)







TomCat car




"The yellow irritation in your mirror. The heat is on!"







RecycledSenior car




Alias 'Dozer'










Elvis, then 'Crazy Gerry' and now Iceman. This guy changes names faster than clouds. Who knows what number he drives?. Might be 66.








Stan car



It's a real chore to keep StanTheMan away from that checkered flag!













"KM's Richard Petty Tribute"







V Clarence




Feb. 14, 2009








Although this is some of the regular and past users, anyone is invited to join our track activities. If you wish to have your name shown on our list of members, apply by email by clicking here. You must supply a valid email address, your real name, driver name, and location.


Get rFactor - Just click here, or on the icon on our left menu. Then click Try/Buy. You can try out the program first to see how good it is, or you can purchase right away by continuing to click on the Trymedia logo. Several methods of payment are offered such as PayPal or credit card. It is only $39.99 cdn so there is no reason not to get it. Other countries prices are shown.

VHR SprintCup - to participate in our SprintCup races you will need the VHR add on, available from the link on the left column. This site also has other add-ons that enhance the sport and allow you to tailor it to your personal specifications.


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