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This information applies to the DSL service in our area provided by Aliant/Sympatico.

Each brand of router has its own special setup circumstances. Since I use the D-link line, this information is from a friend's experiences. We thank him for sharing.

Indications are some providers will not supply support for Linksys routers unless you purchase it from them.

Information is not official, and is only an opinion and is gathered from personal experience.


Trouble hooking up wireless for Pppoe connections on a Linksys router.


When hooking up a router to the Pppoe connections you must uninstall the username and password software supplied by your provider, as it will cause a conflict.

1- In the SETUP section of the Linksys router under Internet connection type , you set it as Pppoe.

Input your Internet account username and password in the appropriate spot.

Make sure the Keep connection alive setting is activated and I would suggest it is set for 20 minutes.  

(I believe the original software for the Sympatico account has a keep alive feature built it as when I had the router not set up that way my connection would fail after a few hours .)

2- Go to the DHCP ( Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) section of the Router and make sure it is enabled. This is what enables the Dynamic IP addresses.

3- Next go to the STATUS section and try to connect.


Internet Connection Type

NOTE:  If you are not able to access the Internet even with a connected status, restart your computer and try to access the Internet again.



They also have a set-up tool that may help. It may be found on their website.

Linksys 24 hour Customer support is excellent (800) 326-7114. I spoke with a very patient gentleman in India for an hour in order to get things running.

One advantage of setting things up this way is the connection is always on instead of logging on each time the computer is turned onů



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