La Casa Del Sol

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Our Former Hidden Paradise - La Casa Del Sol

"Another Beautiful Day In Paradise!"

In November of 2014 we moved to a new winter home called La Casa Del Sol near Davenport, Florida.

It is only minutes from central Orlando, Disney, Seaworld, Universal, Legoland and all the famous attractions. An hour and a half from Daytona, the Space Center and central to most all the major attractions Florida offers.

In the other direction (westerly) its Tampa, Madeira Beach, Tarpon Springs, New Port Richey and more.

For four years this village far exceeded our expections in all regards. We got to participate in so many things, both in the local areas, as well as featured activities at La Casa Del Sol itself.

We got to meet so many wonderful people from all over Canada and the USA. The staff, including all maintenance workers we came in contact with truly go out of their way to make your cottage seem like its your own. This is a place where friendships expand greater day by day, and will last forever.

Disclaimer: This is not an official site/page for La Casa Del Sol. The views and topics presented are strictly those of this web site's owners, depicting their enjoyment and pleasure of being accepted as part-time residents.


Unfortunately due to personal circumstances we were no longer able to stay in La Casa Del Sol, Florida. Our memories and friends from there will remain with us forever.


Even though we are unable to stay for the entire winter anymore, we had hoped to drop by for a visit or two in the coming seasons.


Note: an email was sent thanking management & staff for their kindness and helpfulness with our unplanned closing out/termination. That thank you still stands, and always will. However an immediate response indicated we were not allowed to attend events anymore now that we are not residents. I was also instantly removed from all of their resident Facebook pages. At no time did we plan to attend any events, but only to visit former friends for a few hours or so. Kinda like when your're gone - your gone :) "Don't let the door hit ya on the way out!"

Here are some events that took place at La Casa Del Sol during our four year stay. (Our Snowbird Season is described from approximately November to end of March each year.)

La Casa 2018 Picnic - Food, the Jam Band, dancing and fun for everyone. It was very hot on this day and some had to retreat to their air conditioned cottage.

La Casa Canada Day 2018 - Canada Day is celebrated every year here with always a tremendous turnout for fun and games, with laughter and prizes to be won.

LaCasa International Day 2018 - Likewise International Day is another day of fun, games and prizes. Although the number of participants was less than last year, the excitement and enthusiasm was as great as ever.

La Fiesta Coffee 180210 - Many of the streets at La Casa Del Sol have a "coffee morning" once, sometimes twice a season. As a sample this is our street. As you can see its a time of friendship, chatting and "get to know your neighbours" type of setting.

Chili Talent Show 2018 - Everything doesn't happen outside. La Casa Del Sol has a terrific clubhouse with dances, events and various types of events all season long. This is a glimpse of some of the talent and fun that takes place.

Tarpon Springs 2018 - C & D tours provides many trips throughout the season to places all over Florida and beyond. Every trip is thoughtfully planned and executed down to the finest detail. Great value to be had no matter whether you choose one or all.

Strawberry Festival with Brad Paisley 2018 Review - The Strawberry Festival at Plant City, Florida is a big event each year with thousands of people attending over several days. Too many events and concerts to describe fully. Here we look at a trip we took with C & D tours from La Casa Del Sol. A quick review of the last day, which included some races, and a Brad Paisley concert which we rated at a 10+. Saying 'awesome' isn't enough, non-stop music from start to finish.

La Casa Del Sol Squirrels - These are residents too! Always playing & chasing each other. A lot of us miss them too when we are 'back home' in the summer months.


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