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A collection of useful Firefox shortcuts and ideas. Ways to get more out of Firefox. Some I discovered on my own, while others came from various sources. I try to give credit when that is the case.

Mozilla Firefox

The latest version of Firefox.. and updated information is available.

Firefox On A Thumb Drive

You can take your Firefox with you and use it on any computer. This means your profile and bookmarks come along as well. Other programs such as Thunderbird and Open Office can be set up to do the same if you have a large enough drive.

Firefox Bookmarks

One of the most useful tips I have run across , is a fast load for your Firefox bookmarks.

1) Click Bookmarks on the Toolbar.
2) Right Click on any bookmark.
3) Click Properties.
4) In the properties box type two or three letters you like for a keyword.
5) Click Okay to close the box.
Now hit F6 or click the address bar. Type in the keyword letters you just made. Presto, instant jump to that page/url. Do this for your favourite bookmarks and you can get to them almost instantly.

Firefox: is still a bit of a memory hog. The developers claim to be working on it for the near future.

Firefox Settings

I suggest you use as few extensions as possible for stability and speed. Too many will slow the browser down.

If you have to reinstall Firefox you don't have to lose all your settings.

Settings are in: Documents and Settings area under Application Data>Mozilla>Firefox.

Save the profile.js file.

Save bookmarks.htm file.

Highlight them and copy them to a backup folder of your choice.

Then after Firefox is reinstalled, copy them back to the proper folder in Application Data.

Tweak Firefox For Maximum Speed

Do it manually and follow the instructions from Tweakguide in the Firefox Tweak Guide section, where there is practically a book to follow with everything you would ever want to do to customize Firefox just right. This is what I do, and you can make Firefox almost your personal edition


Firefox Search Bar - Add More Search Engines

This is pretty simple, but it's the simple stuff a lot of us miss. I hadn't tried much with the Firefox search item at the end of the address bar other than to type in a few things off and on to good old Google. Well click on the drop down arrow and you will find several other stock items for searching such as the dictionary, etc. Very handy. But down at the bottom it says "Add Engines". You can add practically any search engine of your choice. For example I added IMDB(Internet Movie DataBase). If I want information about any movie, I just type its title in the space and IMDB tells me all about it. There are search engines available for finding about anything, They are listed on the page that shows up when you click "Add Engine.." Try it, it is nice to have your favourites so handy.

Firefox v3 works fine with sites that require a minimum of 128 bit encryption, such as online banking. It will import bookmarks from IE.

Firefox Extensions - Some extensions are listed on this page.

Firefox is simple to install,and you add extensions to enable what you want it to do. That way you only install what you want. The flash extension volunteered to install so Macromedia flash items would play.

FireFox Shortcuts

Center Click Opens in a New Tab
CTRL+Left Click Opens in a New Tab
CTRL+K Moves the pointer to the search bar at the top right of the address bar
CTRL+W Closes the current Tab. (You must have Tab browsing activated for these.)
CTRL+T Opens a new Tab.
L & R Arrow Keys Move from tab to tab.
CTRL+Number (1,2,3, etc .) Selects tab if you have multiple tabs open.
F6 highlights the address bar so you can just start typing.
CTRL+L Also highlights the address bar. (more reliable)

Remember, many of the shortcuts are universal in programs and work in FireFox and other programs as well, - CTRL+C, CTRL+V, etc

FireFox Preferences In Tabs

This page at Lifehacker gives instructions on how to open bookmark manager, preferences, options and others by using the address bar. For example, typing 'ext' in the address bar opens the extension manager, typing 'opt' opens options on a page and so on. Follow the instructions there, it is very easy to set up. Great for us keyboard types that like to open up these items with a couple keystrokes instead of clicking through a bunch of menus.

FireFox Bookmark Manager

The above tips open the desired item in a new page, while this one opens Bookmark Manager in a tab. This one I expanded on a little bit to suit my own purpose. Lifehacker advises if you type the line: 'chrome://browser/content/bookmarks/bookmarksManager.xul' (without the quote) into Firefox's address bar it opens the bookmark manager in a tab. And it does.

I made that line an actual bookmark in my Bookmarks Toolbar folder and used the keyword 'bm' under properties. Now all I have to do is type bm in the address bar and Bookmark Manager opens in the present tab. Hit Ctrl+T first if you want a new tab. Very fast, very useful.

You can of course do this with the others by using the appropriate chrome line. Our thanks to Lifehacker for these tips. I was aware of quite a few shortcuts, but not these. This site has definitely been added to my RSS reader.


Note: Some extensions are slow being updated to new Firefox versions and may be deactivated or not work at all.


Information is not official, and is only an opinion gathered from personal experience.
If I make negative comments about any software or hardware products, it does not mean that the item or its company is bad in any way. It just means that my personal experience with it was not favourable. On the other hand if I make positive comments in a similar fashion, it only means my personal experience was satisfactory.


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