Firefox Extensions


Firefox Extensions

Extensions make Firefox do what you want it to. There are numerous others that do various things depending on your requirements.They are easy to install and uninstall, or you can turn them on or off at will from the Tools>Add-ons menu.

You can get any of these extensions by clicking on Tools>Add-ons>Get Add-ons>Browse All Add-ons, then type the name below in the search bar of that page, or Click Here.

Before installing any extension I recommend you check the list at mozillaZine where the problem ones are often listed.


Updated: 2013

Figures out a registration code for sites that require it. (Sometimes, often not very successful.)
Google Shortcuts
Quick access to your Google calendar, docs, maps, etc.
IE View Lite
Probably the best one for IE pages in Firefox.
Image Toolbar
Provides easy access to common image functions.
Helper for filling in forms or information that you use repeatedly.
Morning Coffee
Opens all your daily routine bookmarks in tabs all at once.
Restart Firefox
Restart Firefox with ease.
PDF Download
Allows you to choose what to do with a PDF file.
Scrollbar Anywhere
Allows you to scroll a page as if a scrollbar is under your mouse.
Super Start
Changes start page to large preview icons of up to 8 pages.

Some extensions have been removed from this chart due to slow updates for newer versions of Firefox.

I have found it is best to use a minimum of extensions. The more you add, the more chances of something causing a problem. I have also found numerous times that an extension starts out being a useful addition, then as new features are added via upgrades, the extension will not function as it should and causes problems such as slow downs or crashes of Firefox. If you find this to be the case, simply uninstall it and get rid of it.

If you suspect an extension may be giving you problems it might be worthwhile to see if it is listed here as Problematic.

Tweak Firefox

Extensions such as Fasterfox can be used to speed up or make Firefox work better to your liking. If you like to get right into the program and do your own you can by using about:config and some other profile tweaks to do hundreds of things to get Firefox to work exactly as you like it.

One of the useful sites is Tweakguides. In their Firefox Tweak Guide section there is practically a book to follow with everything you would ever want to do to customize Firefox just right. This site is often updated for various Firefox Versions and you can make Firefox almost your personal edition.


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